Mythbusters Monday: January 21, 2019

How Financial Advisors Can Get More Clients From Their Website and Digital Marketing Efforts

We are all about digital marketing and the importance of creating a killer website for your advisory firmIn order to generate leads and drive traffic 🚙 to your website, then it’s important to be engaging with your audience. In today’s special Martin Luther King Jr. Day edition of Mythbusters Monday, Samantha Russell, chief marketing and business development officer at Twenty Over Ten discusses how you can get clients from your website through digital marketing.

Video Transcription

So, today I’m going to bust a myth that is very pervasive throughout the financial services industry, and that myth is that no one is getting any actual clients from digital marketing from their websites.

This is 100% a myth, and I can say that with certainty because I work with advisers every day that busts this myth it is not true for them.

They are getting leads from their website that are engaging with them and learning about their services and then becoming clients.

And one of the things that I’ll hear constantly from people is that they’ll say, “Well, financial services are just different than other industries. People are not going to just go online and do a Google search to find somebody and then dial them up and hand over you know, millions of dollars to invest.”

But, I don’t know why, even in 2019, we think that when someone is researching their options for the best business or service that they can work with, that they’re not going to do a mixture of talking with friends and family, talking with colleagues and other folks, as well as, go online and do their due diligence and their research.

What Advisors are Saying

And so many of the advisors that I work with will tell me:

“I actually find that the people who just find me online, read my website, learn about who I work with, what niche I serve, and then book a time on my calendar are much better quality leads.”

A much better fit for my business overall then those that are just blindly referred by a friend don’t take time to do any research about my company and then give me a call.

Those people tend to be more of a waste of my time because they haven’t already self-qualified via my website.”

So, this comes back to that a point of why it is so incredibly important to have a website that truly truly represents who you are.

When you are not there to talk to somebody, the average person is going to look at an advisors website between 9 and 16 times before they actually get in touch to talk to you.

Make Your Website an Accurate Reflection of Who You Are

So, that website needs to accurately reflect who you are, your personality, how formal or informal you are, and what someone can expect when they work with you.

All of these things, that hopefully you’ll get a chance to tell them when you talk to them on the phone someday but those first you know 10 or more interactions that they’re having are going to be with your website and not you physically there.

So, you ABSOLUTELY can get leads and convert those leads into actual clients from your website, but you need to be doing the right things in order to make that happen.

So, I hope that busts that myth for you today, and check back next week for another Mythbuster Monday!