Mythbusters Monday: How Financial Advisors Can Host Memorable Events

How Financial Advisors Can Host Memorable Events

Building valuable relationships with clients is one of the most important parts of being an advisor. While digital marketing is a great way to do this, hosting fun and creative events is a more personal way to maintain strong relationships with current clients and start to build them with leads. Twenty Over Ten CMO Samantha Russell joins us to share ideas for memorable events your firm can host! Watch the video below or scroll to the bottom to read the transcript!


So when it comes to client events that you can host as an advisor, what is gonna work best? I’m really curious to hear from all of you of what kinds of events you’ve hosted that you’ve seen the biggest ROI and the highest engagement from the people you’ve invited people are still talking about it years later. 

And as we think about those and I give you time to think about it, I wanted to share a couple ideas that I have heard from other advisors I’ve worked with over the years that I think are really great. So keep in mind with any of these ideas, obviously you want to think about who your audience is and what you’re trying to accomplish. You might have a series of different kinds of events: some for current clients that you want to just show them that you are appreciative, versus events where you’re hoping your clients will bring a friend and that could potentially be a new client for you. So a couple examples: 

Example 1: A Family Picnic

The first one is a family picnic. So an advisor that we work with hosts a picnic every summer and they make it really fun for the kids so that the families will want to come with their kids. Then the kids will be excited to go back year after year. They have it at a local park and they provide the barbecue. Everyone just shows up and they do lawn games, they have a bounce house, somebody comes and does balloon animals and face painting, and all the clients get to just hang out. And it’s truly just for the clients and their families and you know people want to come to it because it’s a chance for them to do something fun with their kids.

Example 2: Excursions

Another client that we work with is really focused on their niche. Their niche is Silicon Valley Tech – that’s who they they work with. So they have a lot of people that are single, work really long hours, don’t often get to do super exciting fun things in their spare time just because they don’t always have time to plan it research and things like that. So they chartered a fishing boat and planned a really fun excursion to take their clients out on this charter fishing boat for the day. And so they had a really great response rate because again their demographic is mostly single people who don’t often get a chance to do these types of things outside the office.

Example 3: Partner With a Local Organization

Another group that we work with often does lunch and learns. But rather than the traditional one, you know, “come to our office and we’ll educate you,” they’ve partnered with the local library and they make it open to the public. They’re in a college town which they have a high percentage of, you know, retired faculty from the University who maybe have always had all of their assets in a 401K through the University sponsored plan. Now, they’re either about to retire or they’re already retired and they need some help managing them. So it’s a great way to do it.

They partner with the local library and they’ll bring in different experts (a state planning attorney, somebody talked about Social Security, whatever caring for aging parents was another one they mentioned). So really valuable topics and it’s open to anyone. And the library’s a much less intimidating place to go than to a financial planner’s office where you feel like maybe they’re gonna try to sell you on something. So the library is a more neutral place to host such an event.

So hopefully these are some good ideas to get you going! I would love to hear from you on what event you’ve hosted that you’ve seen work or that you’re hoping to host in the future and if you’ve hosted one that’s a flop tell us that too!