Feature Friday: March 15, 2019

It’s the Friday before Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, but before you celebrate, you should check out this week’s dose of social media tips, keys to being a good communicator and marketing on our Feature Friday.

1. Social Media Calls to Action: 19 Words & Phrases to Generate More Engagement via Social Media Today

Are you trying to generate more interaction on social media? You may be posting quality content, but still aren’t getting the type of engagement that you want. If this is happening, then you are probably missing calls to action. You need to be asking your visitors to take the next step otherwise you are missing out on a huge opportunity to gain leads!

Need help with engagement? Check out the infographic below and start to generate more leads!

Social Media infographic-callas to action

2. Find Your WHY to WOW Your Clients via Practice Management Blog

As a financial advisor, you need to work with your clients and find out what makes them tick. You are going to be working closely with them for many years, planning their financial future, so you want to figure out how to wow your clients. Ask yourself the question about why you are doing what you do.

What are the questions that you need to ask to figure out what your team’s WHY is:

  1. What makes your team unique?
  2. The hero in your why is not you, so who is it?
  3. Talk through your unique idea for why with five close friends who have your best interest at heart.

For more ways on how to figure out your why and really impress your clients, read below!

3. When is the Best Time to Post Marketing Content? via Red Zone Marketing

It can be hard to gauge when the best time to post on social media for the most engagement is. This not only goes for social but also running advertisements, educational events, sending and replying to emails and many other aspects of your job.

It’s hard to answer when the best time is to do these types of things, as every business is unique, however, there are a few statistics on when the best time to post social is.

  1. Posting in the morning resulted in an 8.8% increase in clicks
  2. When using targeted content advertising (TCA), posting in the afternoon resulted in 21% more clicks than posting in the morning.

This is only touching on a few things for when it comes to scheduling content.  For more details, check out the image below!

4. How to Become a Master Communicator by Following This One Rule via Entrepreneur

When it comes to being a great communicator, staying quiet and listening is often much more important than someone who is the biggest “talker” in the room. It’s so important to pay attention to what others have to say and really process your thoughts, rather than just waiting for when you can get in your say. Check out these 5 tips for becoming a “master communicator.”

  1. Be the last to speak.
  2. Shut down outside distractions.
  3. Mind your body language.
  4. Pay attention to the unsaid.
  5. Make sure you hear quiet voices.

If you keep these tips in mind and listen closely to what others around you are saying, this will hlep you to become a great communicator and able to connect better with professionals around you.

Entrepreneur image

5. The future of search engine marketing is full funnel via Search Engine Land

Paid search is a great “bottom funnel” advertising tactic since every bit of advertising drives interest and awareness with the potential to lead to a query on a search engine which can then be converted to a potential client.

What about the top and middle of the funnels, however? Keep in mind that every search represents a potential customer, remember that, “A search click is not just a click. It’s a consumer on a purchase journey.”