Feature Friday: April 12, 2019

All of the “March Madness” is finally behind us and the company basketball brackets have ended, so now you can get back to concentrating on your work!  For this week’s Feature Friday, check out our top 5 articles on brand goals, SEO and marketing.

1. 8 Content Distribution Ideas to Meet Your Brand’s Goals via Moz

There is so much that goes into creating a content strategy in this day and age, as there are so many different forms of content that you can put out there! It’s best to define the goals that you want to achieve with your strategy for the upcoming year and then go with that. If your goal is brand awareness, lead generation or revenue, then check out these tips on how to best do this.

  1. Syndication
  2. Use sponsored content or guest posts
  3. Use paid advertising
  4. Don’t forget your blog posts
  5. Do some original research
  6. Use whitepapers and e-books for download
  7. Host webinars
  8. Use product pages

For more details on how to distribute your ideas and increase brand awareness, read below!

2. 20 Local SEO Dos and Don’ts You Must Follow for Success on Google [Infographic] via Social Media Today

Doesn’t every advisor want their website to rank higher in Google searches? There are many techniques to doing this, so what are the best one was to do this?

The sections that the infographic is broken down into are:

  • Local citations
  • Link building
  • Positive reviews
  • Schema markup
  • Responsive web design
  • On page SEO
  • What to avoid

Check out the infographic below for more information!

3. How to Attract Millennial Clients via Susan Danzig, LLC

Millennials are starting to establish their careers, so how do you go about attracting the next generation of clients? As “baby boomers” start to retire, businesses need to adapt and redesign their marketing strategy in order to attract the younger workforce that is taking over. What’s the best way to go about doing this?

  1. Be Direct
  2. Monitor Third Party Reviews
  3. Get Involved in Your Community
  4. Try Organic Marketing Channels

If follow these simple tips, then it should make it much easier to market to the millennials that will be entering the work field.

4. Tell The Right Story At The Right Time via AdvisorPR

When it comes to getting new clients, it’s so important to tell the right story to really showcase your brand. How do you make sure that you’re telling it at the right time and make it stand out to others, however?

  1. Create Your First Impression
  2. Intrigue Your Audience
  3. Gain “Buy-In” To Your Story

Keep these tips in mind when it comes to telling a story that really encompasses your brand.

5. Why Influencer Graphs Are the Future of Influencer Marketing via Cision

When it comes to marketing, it’s so important to find an influencer that’s regularly engaging with your target audience. How will you know that you’ve found the right influencer? You need to be looking for someone who is regularly engaging, and having an influencer graph can help with this.

Check out these 3 tips for how to do this.

  1. Profile your Ideal Audience
  2. Map Out the Influencers
  3. Map Out the Contents that Influencers Create

When you know your audience, that means that you are creating better, more targeted content that will drive better results!